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Most of us use deodorant on a daily basis. Conventional deodorants contain harmful chemicals & compounds.  Antiperspirants contain ingredients that clog underarm pores causing the suppression of our natural sweat glands.  Many so called 'natural deodorants' also contain similar harmful ingredients under differing names. 

We believe our natural deodorant is the best on the market. 

JAMES NATURAL HYGENICS formulates products using superior quality, natural & organic ingredients.  We believe that what we put onto our skin also enters into our bodies.  That is why we are committed to using only natural & organic ingredients in our high quality deodorant.  Our deodorant allows your underarms to breath while naturally protecting you from odor causing bacteria!

The need for underarm protection is everyday.  And we are committed to offering you the very best in natural underarm protection. 

Besides having a wonderfully fresh scent & being made from quality natural & organic ingredients, what is the best aspect about James Natural Deodorant?


Simply put...IT WORKS!

Have you been searching for a natural deodorant that really works?  Tried other natural deodorants that were not effective?  We understand!  It is this very search that led us to formulate our prized all-natural deodorant! 

Whether you suffer from chronic underarm body odor, live an active lifestyle, or are just searching for a truly natural deodorant that works, we trust that you will put confidence in James Natural Deodorant.

Give Your Underarms Some LOVE with JAMES NATURAL DEODORANT!